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CNVOS – Centre for information service, co-operation and development of NGOs

National NGO umbrella network, joining together more than 1000 small and large NGOs from various policy fields
Our mission is to ensure sustainable development of NGOs in Slovenia by providing comprehensive, effective and professional support through information service, consultancy, education, research, policy making, advocacy, networking and promotion.

CNVOS is the main generator of ideas, legislation proposals and activities for the development of the NGO sector in Slovenia. CNVOS promotes and strengthens NGOs and NGO networks as an important part of civil society in Slovenia, and supports them to better implement their roles and realise their missions through three pillars: ADVOCACY, SUPPORT SERVICE (information, training and consultancy services) and INTERNAL/MEMBERS MANAGEMENT.

Only in 2015, we have among other things:
  • Prepared and advocated for changes in 17 different laws, which affect functioning of NGOs;
  • Conducted more than 1000 hours of legal consultancy (preparation of founding and other internal legal acts and contracts, appeals and law-suits if public funding rules were breached, legal opinions about rights and obligations of NGOs, etc.);
  • Conducted 42 workshops in different formats with different topics (e.g. marketing and communication, advocacy, fundraising, project management, financial management, …) with more than 700 participants;
  • Trained more than 200 public officials for more effective public participation in decision-making process;
  • Issued two manuals for national and local level public officials for better planning and implementation of public calls and grants;
  • On behalf of the Government of Republic of Slovenia prepared its Guidelines and Manual for public participation in decision-making process;
  • Implemented 16 procedures of selection of NGO representatives in different government consultative and working bodies;
  • Enabled creation of 529 different acts and documents through our web application ePravnik (eLawyer);
  • Published more than 850 national and European tenders and information about alternative sources of funding on our web site (
  • Published more than 1700 articles on and and thus provided NGOs with accurate and fresh information about all relevant developments on national, EU and international level

As Slovene national umbrella network CNVOS regularly cooperates with sister organisations from other countries. Furthermore, we work as a consultant with many international organisations and foreign Governments from the EU, Western Balkan and Black Sea Region on the area of civil society development, as well as development of democratic institutions.
Some of our most important international activities in 2015:
  • Analysis and development of outcome and output indicators for theEU Guidelines for the EU support to civil society in enlargement countries 2014 – 2020. Contractor: TACSO - Techical assistance for civil society organisations, regional office. European Commission – DG NEAR has developed a special matrix of objectives, standards and indicators, on the basis of which EC will target its financial and political support to Civil Society in Western Balkan and Turkey. For the matrix, CNVOS has developed a set of outcome and output indicators, which will enable DG NEAR to monitor the progress in the future years. Annual results will also be included in the progress reports, which are being prepared by the EC for all countries in question.
  • Facilitation of national consultation on national objectives and targets for the EU Guidelines for the EU support to civil society in enlargement countries 2014 - 2020 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Contractor: TACSO country office BiH.
  • Capacity building of Kosovar NGO umbrella network CiviKos (trainings for its members, trainings for members of Government Council for cooperation with NGOs, mentoring, development of the system of NGO financing, …). Contractor: IPA CSF project, Delegation of the European Union in Republic of Kosovo. CNVOS has been cooperating with Kosovar NGO umbrella network for many years now. However, 2015 was one of the most active years, since we carried out several trainings for CiviKos Members and NGO representatives in government working bodies. We also mentor CiviKos’s staff in developing services for their members, establishment of regional intermediary NGO organisations, etc.
  • Analysis of national and regional report and development of the scaling system for the Monitoring matrix for enabling environment for civil society. Contractor: BCSDN Balkan Civil Society Development Network. In the scope of BCSDN, of which CNVOS is one of the founding members, we have in 2012 developed a matrix for monitoring the development of the enabling environment for CSOs. In 2015, we have additionally developed a scaling system (system of scoring, which enables easier comparison between the countries), conducted a monitoring training for other BCSDN members and carried out an expert review of national and regional reports.
  • Conducted 5 trainings for public officials on potentials of cooperation between state institutions and NGOs in Montenegro (public service delivery, policy cooperation, financing). Contractor: Administration unit for personnel of MNE Government.
  • International analysis of Quality Assurance systems for NGOs. Contractor: TACSO Montenegro Office.
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