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Financial transparency

In accordance with our own Minimum recommendations for NGOs about publishing financial data on the Internet (in Slovene), which CNVOS issued as a support to and promotion of good governance in NGOs, we regularly publish our annual reports (in Slovene), which also include accounting balance sheet.

To be as transparent as possible, CNVOS presents its financial data for the past year in a more user-friendly way. In accordance with the international standards of financial transparency we also publish monthly and annual gross salaries of CNVOS's management and ratio between the highest, the average and the lowest salary in CNVOS.
Total income 2015 414.901,00 100
Project funding from the European Social Fund 180.761,00 43,56
Project funding from the Slovenian national budget 31.899,00 7,69
Project funding from the EU budget 70.660,00 17,03
Public procurements 48.900,00 11,79
Economic activity 55.967,00 13,49
Operation and management of the NGO programme of the EEA Grants 20.814,00 5,02
Membership fees 5.900,00 1,42
Donations 0,00 0,00
EUR  %
Total costs 2015 413.531,00 100
Salaries 239.422,00 57,90
Administrative costs (rent, ICT, …) 66.560,00 16,09
Service contracts 98.206,00 23,75
Travel costs 9343,00 2,26
Director’s monthly gross salary from March 1st, 2015 onwards is 3.490,57 EUR. He does not receive any additional supplements to the salary, except of the seniority add-on (currently 3.5 %). His annual gross salary in 2015 was 41.113,43 EUR.

Deputy director's monthly gross salary from March 1st, 2015 onwards is 2959,00 EUR. Her current seniority add-on is 5 %. A part from her regular expert work also an add-on for the deputy director in the amount of 150 EUR is included in her gross salary. Her annual gross salary in 2015 was 35.709,15 EUR.

CNVOS management does not receive any additional payments for its work.

Ratio between the lowest CNVOS gross salary, 1485,72 EUR, and the highest CNVOS gross salary (director's) is 1 : 2,34. Ration between the average CNVOS salary, 2234,85 EUR, and the highest salary is 1 : 1,56.
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