For sustainable development of NGOs

We provide a comprehensive, effective and professional support to NGOs through information service, consultancy, education, research, policy making, advocacy, networking and promotion.
CNVOS activities are led by the idea of establishing strong, effective, innovative, independent, transparent and sustainable NGO sector, a sector that:
  • can effectively identify and articulate society’s needs and effectively respond to them
  • provides quality services and products
  • has a supportive environment for its development
  • has a good reputation and enjoys support among decision makers, public and private sector and general public
  • is devoted to transparency and high ethical standards
  • knows and uses different innovative and sustainable sources of funding
  • has skills and knowledge for advocacy
  • is well connected on national and international level
Areas of work:
  • National informational centre for NGOs (the most comprehensive information-sharing service for all developments, relevant for the NGO sector, as well as for international, European, national and regional calls for proposals);
  • National NGO advocacy centre (we regularly analyse legislation and policies on NGO enabling environment, draft and advocate for changes – we successfully change approximately 30 acts and policies yearly);
  • National NGO training centre (we annually organise more than 50 trainings, seminars and workshops with different topics relevant for better management and functioning of NGOs);
  • National consultancy centre (more than 1000 hours annually of legal, project, financial and fiscal consultancy for NGOs);
  • National project centre (we develop project ideas for NGOs, look for partners, write project proposals for European and national calls for proposals and conduct monitoring and evaluation of different projects);
  • Persistant promotor of transparent and qualitative work of NGOs (development of Quality Assurance System and Integrity plans for NGOs, consultancy and implementation of QAS audits);
  • and much more.

As Slovene national umbrella network CNVOS regularly cooperates with sister organisations from other countries for knowledge and experience sharing, as well as participation in policy making on the EU level. Furthermore, we work as a consultant with many international organisations and foreign Governments from the EU, Western Balkan and Black Sea Region on the area of civil society development, as well as development of democratic institutions.
CNVOS is a member of:
  • European Network of National Civil Society Associations (ENNA)
  • Balkan Civil Society Development Network (BCSDN).
  • European Civic Forum (ECF)


Povšetova 37
SI – 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija

Phone: +386 1 542 14 22
Fax: +386 1 542 14 24
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