For better conditions for functioning of NGOs

We defend the interests of the non-governmental sector, persistently search for new solutions, write legislative proposals, submit amendments, and lobby to achieve a better, more enabling environment for NGOs.
To ensure the right conditions for a sustainable development of NGOs, CNVOS analyses and monitors the support environment for the functioning and development of NGOs, regularly prepares legislation proposals and strategic documents to put forward a common position in favour of NGOs, lobbies, cooperates through professional working bodies, implements procedures for electing NGO representatives to governmental or ministerial working bodies and organises various consultations to assure participatory formation of joint NGO positions.
Analysing the NGO sector
Access to current and verified information is of vital importance for effective involvement in the decision-making process. For that purpose, CNVOS regularly carries out various analyses of the Slovene NGO sector and follows foreign comparative analyses of NGO sector. Recently published analyses include: International analysis of public participation in the decision-making process, Analysis of public calls for tenders at the local level (in Slovene) – procedures for the selection of NGO programmes for public funding in municipalities etc.
Shaping policies on the national level
CNVOS regularly monitors proposed changes of legal acts and provides comments and proposals from NGO sector’s point of view. Annually, we participate in decision-making process for app. 30 different drafts, our comments and proposals are successful in 70 percent of cases. Recently, it was involved in the processes of development of several legal acts, such as the Law on volunteering, Law on social economy, Law on NGOs in the public interest, etc. All CNVOS’s proposals (e.g. proposal for key national measures for NGO development in the period 2012 – 2015, draft law on NGOs in public interest) are developed in a participatory manner in cooperation with other NGOs (through on-line or live consultations).
Selecting NGO representatives
Since 2003, CNVOS has been conducting a unified procedure for selection of NGO representatives in various government and local government consultation bodies and commissions, which is based on principles of openness, equal opportunity and transparency. According to rules of procedure, selected representatives are obliged to act publicly and inform all interested NGOs about their work – as well as to select and forward proposals of other NGOs. Since 2003, CNVOS has carried out app. 150 of such procedures.
Monitoring and promoting the inclusion of NGOs in the decision-making processes
Since 2006, CNVOS advocacy experts have been monitoring the openness of the governmental institutions toward the public and NGOs in policy making within the framework of the project ‘The Mirror to the Government’. With special Counter of breaches (in Slovene) we count in how many case and how severely different state bodies breached consultation deadlines that are set in the Government’s rules of procedure. CNVOS regularly and actively promotes public participation in decision-making process. In 2015, it has in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Administration conducted several trainings of public officials and issued Guidelines for public participation (in Slovene) and tailored-made manual for public officials (in Slovene) on how to go about public participation.
Strengthening cooperation among NGOs and local authorities
CNVOS developed several advocacy and monitoring tools which have been used across Slovenia in a NGO campaign aimed at strengthened cooperation between municipalities and NGOs on the local level since local elections in 2010. Apart from EVENTS (forums, public debates) and a special WEB-SITE on cooperation between municipalities and NGOs in Slovenia (, in Slovene), CNVOS developed several successful tools: a MANUAL on cooperation in local communities, a SCOREBOARD, a web-based monitoring/advocacy tool, which compared the level of cooperation of local authorities with NGOs in all Slovene municipalities and, in 2015, a special GUIDE dedicated to public financing of NGOs on the local level.


Tina Divjak
Head of Advocacy

Phone: +386 1 542 14 22
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