Cross-cutting activities

Strategic development of the sector
CNVOS continuously considers the needs/preconditions for the future development of the sector. Not only from the standpoint of the enabling environment, but also from the standpoint of mechanisms that should be applied by NGOs themselves. One of the relevant topics that CNVOS has addressed is transparency of the NGO sector: transparency of the internal decision-making and financial management, transparency in activities (implementation of activities in accordance with the organizations’ mission) and transparency to different stakeholders (beneficiaries, donors, media, etc.).
Promotion of the sector
Promotion of the NGO sector is an integral part of all CNVOS’s activities. However, some activities are organized specifically for promotional reasons. For example, each year from 2001 onward CNVOS has organized the NGO festival LUPA (magnifier), where NGOs present their work in the centre of Ljubljana.


Maja Sporn
Head of office

Phone: +386 1 542 14 22
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