Information service

CNVOS regularly updates its members and users on any activities, events, initiatives and actions that concern NGOs which may be taking place either at home or abroad. This includes all policy issues, programmes and measures being implemented at a national, EU and international level as well as the possibility of getting involved in the decision making process. Members are regularly notified of the various opportunities, calls for proposals and public tenders suitable for NGOs, which may include national, EU and other sources of financing. CNVOS provides information through a wide range of different channels: weekly newsletters and web-sites, (with selected news and reports, in Slovene), (with open calls for proposals and other opportunities for NGOs, in Slovene) and (database and search tool of NGOs all over Europe).

CNVOS webpage offers several useful articles with information regarding establishment, functioning and development of NGOs. Many web articles are formed as a response to most common questions and issues faced by NGOs in Slovenia in practice, or as a response to important changes in the legal environment relevant to NGOs.

CNVOS regularly publishes information on new legislation and ongoing decision making processes, relevant for the sector. It regularly updates a list of draft laws or proposals which are open to public consultations at any particular point in time, accompanied by links to texts of draft laws as well as the government portal, where public comments regarding a specific draft law or proposal are being collected. Proposals and draft laws which are relevant to NGOs, are emphasised in a weekly legal update.


Tina Mithans
Head of Information Office

Phone: +386 1 542 14 22
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