Internal / members management

Quality assurance system for NGOs
Quality assurance system for NGOs in Slovenia is promoted by CNVOS and SIQ Slovenian institute for quality and metrology. CNVOS is responsible for external audits of NGOs and promotional activities, while SIQ issues certificates; together they offer a comprehensive training for interested NGOs.

The training, which can result in attainment of certificate of quality, is aimed at the introduction of quality standards in NGOs through development of internal rules, adoption of different tools and methods, assessment of organisation's weaknesses, setting of clear goals, mission statements and organisational structures, improving communication among its staff, better matching their services to the needs of its members and setting guidelines for improvement of their work.
Continuos needs assessment of NGOs
CNVOS's membership officer is in regular contact with CNVOS’s members and other bigger NGOs and networks to collect information about their needs in order to adjust/upgrade its activities. CNVOS is also organizing needs assessment events where NGOs discuss their future plans and support they need from CNVOS, as well as needs assessment events within the scope of different programming activities for fundraising.


Tina Divjak
Head of Advocacy

Phone: +386 1 542 14 22
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