CNVOS encourages cooperation and dialogue among NGOs (within CNVOS, in thematic networks, international/European networks and through project partnerships) and NGOs with media and/or business sector. One of such programmes is cause marketing, a programme in the scope of which CNVOS each year matches NGOs, companies and PR agencies in “threesomes” that develop social responsible products and campaigns. One of such, for example, is the winner of the 2015 cause marketing action “Don’t text, while driving”, the aim of which is to emphasise the dangers of texting during driving. The action, designed by NGO of persons with disabilities caused by car accidents, company Revoz (part of Renault Group) and PR agency Publicis, will also result in donations for the work of NGO.


Veronika Vodlan
Project Consultant

Phone: +386 1 542 14 22
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