Our main fields of activity include: to form the support environment for the operation of non-governmental organisations and project development, and assistance in the latter. Our counselling and training activities compose a large part of our operations; we also train and guide other organisations to help them obtain the renowned NGO quality standard. We are also the major Slovenian non-governmental information provider regarding new tender opportunities, current developments as well as important local, national and international news that is of interest to NGOs.

  • advocacy and policies

Keeping track of national and foreign legislation, we help form a suitable working environment for NGOs in Slovenia. In cooperation with our members who are affected by regulations and policies directly, and in dialogue with various political representatives, we seek to ensure an optimum legislative and political framework for the non-governmental sector.

  • transparency and quality

Based on training courses, counselling and executed quality audits, we are authorised together with SIQ to grant quality certificates to NGOs. The quality standard encourages non-governmental organisations to an objective and systematic assessment of operations and definition of objectives, which leads to a long-term improvement of services and thus fosters the organisation’s development.

  • organisational development

We can help you with your internal reorganisation and implementation of processes required for better operation and increased efficiency of your organisation. Our efforts are based on an assessment of the current situation and joint development of an improvement plan which you can carry out with the help of our experts.

  • counselling NGOs

The main objective of our counselling is to provide you with precise, top quality information required for your development. Our counsellors will turn to you attentively to listen to your problems and challenges, and help you seek and develop the best solutions. We can help you with legal and fiscal issues, projects, accounting or communication, either in person or via e-mail or phone.

  • training for NGOs

We have devised a diverse, yet conceptually coherent range of training courses that are run by in-house and external experts in order to help you improve your working process and increase your success. However, sometimes training packages, no matter how carefully devised, fail to grasp the range of an organisation’s needs. We therefore also offer custom training devised in cooperation with you to meet the needs of your organisation.

  • informing NGOs

We keep you informed of opportunities based on open calls for tender, provide you with an extensive review of the current activity in various areas of the non-governmental sector in Slovenia and internationally, and regularly tell you what’s new in the area of the sector’s systemic development.

  • promoting the sector

We develop platforms, organise events and make deals to present the non-governmental sector to as many people as possible. On top of the annual Lupa festival of non-governmental organisations and the national non-governmental conference, we have been developing various projects to link the non-governmental sector with the economy and media.

  • technical support

Within technical support, we provide you with (free) rental of our premises to be used for workshops, discussions, meetings or training courses. We can also rent a sound system or digital projectors for your events free of charge.